Wait, how much?

As of yesterday there is new most expensive wristwatch. Previous record was set almost one year ago by stainless steel (yes, I know, such low key metal) Patek Philippe ref. 1518 that was sold in Geneva for 11 million and 20k CHF.

The new record holder is watch owned by Paul Newman, called Paul Newman Rolex Daytona. It was sold for eye watering 15,5 million US dollars.

Paul Newman Daytona

Bidding took 12 minutes and winning bid was done by telephone. I guess that means that we might never see this watch ever again, so enjoy the pictures while you can.

Paul Newman Daytona

Photos © Phillips auction house

Heather Nova in Berlin

At first some history and background. Normally I am classic and hard rock kind of guy. I can listen anything from 60’s and 70’s all day long. Heather Nova (and some other musicians/bands) is bit of anomaly in my playlist.

I think the first Heather Nova record I heard in late 90’s or early 2000 and it was Siren. It was quite a mix of pop and rock with signature songs London Rain, Winterblue, Heart and Shoulder and many more. Later I bought also South and Storm CD’s. First one was kind of disappointing, because of it lacked that raw and unpolished energy that made her first records so exciting. Then I remember listening to some songs from Redbird, but I don’t think I have it in my collection. The first four albums were in quite heavy rotation on my ipod.

Couple of years ago I subscribed to Heather Nova newsletter and started waiting for her tour. It took 5 years until she got together full band to celebrate her breakout album Oyster. The tour consists of 13 dates played in Switzerland, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and finishing in UK. Our choice was Berlin, because of concert was on Saturday and we could go there by car or by plane. At the end plane won, because of 12 hours in a car is not a fun.

Anyway, here we are in Berlin, heading for a show of musician I wanted to see at least 10 years. Concert was in Columbia Theater near old Tempelhof airport. We arrived half an hour early to find out that place is almost full. Opening for Heather was Ed Prosek. He sang for half an hour some songs and during his set venue was warming in literal sense of this word – temperature was rising, because of someone must’ve forgot to switch on ventilation. After Ed left, place was packed tighter than metro in Japan (you all remember pictures of pushing in more people than carriage can hold). Venue’s official capacity is 800, but I had a feeling that somehow they managed to squeeze in at least twice that number.

At 9 lights went off and band was on the stage. First part of the concert was Oyster in full as it was recorded, including song Blind that did not made into record. Band was seemed very relaxed and pulled through all songs like well oiled machine. It was a bit of surprise, because of last tour with full band was 5 years ago and they rehearsed only a week before tour. Concert went through in heartbeat with a little commentary about songs and history.

The band were Luke Bullen on drums, Midori Jaeger on cello and the rest band were Heather’s usual partners – Arnulf Lindner on bass and Berith Fridahl on guitar.

My personal favourites were Island, Doubled Up and Winterblue and my special thanks goes to Berith Fridahl whose guitar playing style really compliments Heather’s music going from acoustic riffs to full blown hard rock and back in a whim.

After a show Heather came for an autograph session, which was really very nice touch.

After we were back in hotel I asked my daughter if she liked and the answer was “Yes, very much!”. I guess now we wait for the next tour and hope that it will be very soon.

Some crappy phone photos and setlist follows. Will remind myself to arrange press pass and bring better camera next time.




Berith and Heather.


Full house.



Autograph signing.



1. Walk This World
2. Heal
3. Island
4. Throwing Fire at the Sun
5. Maybe an Angel
6. Truth and Bone
7. Blue Black
8. Blind
9. Walking Higher
10. Light Years
11. Verona
12. Doubled Up
13. Winterblue
14. Sea Glass
15. Like Lovers Do
16. Sugar
17. I Wanna Be Your Light